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Let your child fall in love with tooth brushing! Three sides of 8 layers of bristles surround and clean deep into the teeth – effectively cleaning stains inside and outside the teeth.



With its U-shape brush head, All Rounded Children U Shape Toothbrush can clean around a tooth without worrying if there’s a missed spot on your child’s tooth!



This All Rounded Children U Shape Toothbrush will definitely help you teach your kids how to properly brush teeth and have a healthy mouth!



  • Color: Blue, Pink
  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 4.72 × 1.97 in; 3.54 x 1.97 in
  • Recommended Age: 2-12 Years Kids
  • Package Includes: 1 × All Rounded Children U Shape Toothbrush


15 Reviews

Torin Cross
Verified Buyer
If you have a child that fights brushing their teeth and ends up with canker sores from the toothbrush hitting their gums during said fight which makes them even LESS tolerant of a toothbrush, this could be your answer!!! For our house, it was a life changer. I don’t even care that he got pink toothbrushes…. Because we can now brush his teeth everyday without fighting. He didn’t like the foam toothpaste, but I smear regular kids toothpaste on it and it cleans up just fine. 10/10 would recommend and buy over and over again!! This is NOT a promotional deal. I truly bought it and love it and tell all of my parent friends of strong willed children about this product.

Saba Hume
Verified Buyer
I love the way you just put the special tooth past on it and give it to your toddler and they put it in there mouth and just start to go back and forth. My toddlers have no complaints and same here. Good investment.

Ariah Cameron
Verified Buyer
My 2 year old loves this thing. He doesn’t even wanna use his “big boy” tooth brush anymore. Which I still like for him to have just to help guide him in how to use. But I think he loves it because it’s easier for him to use and actually clean his teeth. Not to mention he likes to also bitch and chew on it which probably feels good to him despite him no longer teething lol. The only suggestion I would make is coming up with some way to help them also clean their tongues which is were most of our mouth bacteria lives. Another reason why I still like for him to still have the “big boy” tooth brush. Overall though I am super happy with it and he loves it and looks forward to brushing his teeth morning and night.

Boyd Baxter
Verified Buyer
With a regular toothbrush my daughter would just suck up the toothpaste and didn’t really brush her teeth. It took a while to get her to use one of these. But once she did I feel like her teeth are cleaner and I’m not having to help her brush her teeth as often.

Abdulrahman Horne
Verified Buyer
I really like the fact that it came with 4 ! I really like the fact that they are super cleanable! I love them and so does my son! With his autism he has not brushed his teeth correctly for so long and he hates using a regular toothbrush so there are times I just did not want to fight him let him go without brushing. It was horrible but now there is no fight! He loves this new way of brushing!

Julie Sparks
Verified Buyer
My 2 year old just chews her toothbrushes and doesn’t get the back and forth motion of a toothbrush. She also doesn’t get the concept of the back, sides, up, down, etc. of brushing your teeth. This thing is a back and forth motion and it’s awesome. It does take a lot of toothpaste since you have to put it around and on both sides. Worth it though!

Calvin Vang
Verified Buyer
What a fun way to brush your teeth! My 6 y.o. child who already loves to brush his teeth is CRAZY about this. The bristles are in tact yet soft enough to use, and it fits perfectly in the mouth. It went from brushing about twice a day to like 3-4 times a day! I already notice a difference in the teeth!

Zayd Wilkes
Verified Buyer
I got these for my kiddo with sensory issues. He HATES brushing his teeth, and I’ve been trying to find any solution. Turns out, this is the one. He loves this thing. We have zero fights about tooth brushing now.

Roman Richmond
Verified Buyer
This is Awsome. I don’t have to worry anymore if my son missed teeth . And he seems to like it . It’s fun for him to brush his teeth. He’s 6. I can see him using it for one more year. Wish I found it sooner

Louisa Willis
Verified Buyer
My kids love using it and it's simple to use. Recommended.

Romilly Harvey
Verified Buyer
I bought these for my granddaughter. It was such a struggle to get her to brush her teeth. She loves these and doesn't have to be reminded to brush her teeth any longer. She does it on her own. :)

Keyaan Iles
Verified Buyer
So easy to use and my kids love them! My one year old brushes his own teeth and loves doing it because of these! Better for babies but my 5 year old loves it too so I help her brush her back teeth with a regular toothbrush afterwards.

Gregory Morrow
Verified Buyer
Easy for my grandkids to use. Much better brushing technique. Wish they had an adult version for on the go use.

Hester Simmons
Verified Buyer
My son brushes his teeth longer and he brushes 2 to 3 times a day. I still have a manual toothbrush but I’m not sure if I need it. Will find out when I go to the dentist next month.

Shaurya Hook
Verified Buyer
Materials feels good. Just my son bites it and makes it hard to move and brush his teeth. The U shape in general touches more teeth than the normal shape toothbrushes. Don’t know how effective in cleaning is the silicone brush compared to normal toothbrushes

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