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This Magik Tape can be used wherever you want! It works in any surface: wooden, plastic, glass, marble, etc…



This may be the BEST tape you’ve used due to its outstanding adhesiveness & great waterproof ability!



Magik Tape can be fully used in various ways which adopt nanotechnology. It is more convenient than the traditional ways to attach things to the wall, and floor. Holds up to 5lbs on smoothy surface. Besides can be used repeatedly, and its is washable. Wash it with warm water When it gets dirty, and dry it to regain its stickinessaces.



You can adjust the length by cutting it down. When you take off this tape on the wall, It will leave no residues.



Just only 4 simple steps to stick any objects.



Package Include: 1 Pcs x Magik Tape

Product size:

  • Lenght: 16.5 feet
  • Width: 0.78 in, Thickness 0.078 in



22 Reviews

Donovan Douglas
Verified Buyer
Holy cow this is some serious sticky tape! The uses are endless. So far I’ve used it to mount pictures, clocks and lights under my counters and inside cabinets. Be prepared for some serious adhesion. Whatever you use it for to hold up it not moving. This is definitely one tape you want in your tool box!

Kaiden Simpson
Verified Buyer
I am a music theater director and used this product to adhere props to set pieces and canvas backdrops to walls. I have also used it for adhering artwork to concrete walls. Holds so well and removes cleanly from both the mounting surface and the item you are hanging.

Paxton Edwards
Verified Buyer
Like most people, I've used many different types of tape over the years: scotch tape, water-based tape, duct tape, etc. I've never used tape as effective as this double-sided tape. It HOLDS like no other tape or adhesive I've ever used! The best part is it's easy to remove (haven't tried to wash it yet, but wouldn't be surprised if that works too!).

Jackson Wood
Verified Buyer
I love , love , love!!!’ This tape. Seriously use it on anything I don’t want to use nails for and even the simplest things like making some stay down from blowing away with the wind. Regular tape will just not do for many things. I had a party and use tiny pieces of this tape to hold down all the table cloths, banners, even the center pieces.

Derek Hammond
Verified Buyer
Where has this tape been all my life? It is crazy easy to use and effective. And it sticks in like 2 seconds. You don't even need to hold it up. I've spent all weekend putting things up that I had been hoarding for the last 3 years. I'm renting so don't like to drill holes. I love this tape and I'm probably going to give this as gifts. Strange gift idea? I don't think so at all. If only someone had gifted me this.

Faith Davis
Verified Buyer
This product worked perfectly. The ribbons held through the holiday, and were removed easily when the time came. I left the pieces of tape on the posts until the weather warmed. They came off without an issue, not damaging the paint on our aluminum-wrapped posts. It is super sticky, and will quickly and strongly adhere to skin, so keep that in mind.

Harley Gray
Verified Buyer
Extremely pliable and very easy to use on almost any surface. The adhesion is strong and sticky for tough jobs. The only issue is that when you remove and wash it, it will lose its shape and become less sticky due to dirt and other contaminants which will stick to the tape.

Amy Fuller
Verified Buyer
Overall, the tape is an extremely good product and I highly recommend it! I just bought three more packs!

Jessica Bennet
Verified Buyer
I bought this out of desperation. I had tried almost everything to get my sewing machine pedal to stay in place while I sew. This stuff works wonders. It sticks like glue, but when I need to move my pedal I just twist it and it pops off.

Garrett King
Verified Buyer
Freaking AMAZING who ever designed this definitely took time to bring the quality. I bought this because I was just wanting double side tape for small mounting like my name tag on my door. Oh boy I was super thrilled when I cut 2 one inch strip put on my name tag.

Stella Cooper
Verified Buyer
Great stuff, decent price, fast shipping. Will buy again for sure.

Abigail Larson
Verified Buyer
I've used this to solve so many "how do I hang this" problems. A floor length mirror to the bathroom door, it's been up for months with no worries, a cracked bird feeder (out in weather for 2 season), posters in my kids rooms, outdoor Christmas decorations were no problem with this tape. I've recommended it to 3 of my friends and they all bought it.

Finley Torres
Verified Buyer
This tape is a game changer and does what it is suppose to. I used this tape to secure my jacuzzi tub panels and it has proven to stand up to the task. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Kane Stokes
Verified Buyer
I have struggled with something to hold the corner of my rugs down. I have all tile and need lots of throw rugs for old puppies to help with their hips and finally found something that will do the job!

Brianna Miller
Verified Buyer
I would buy it again. I used it for soundproofing panels.

Aubree Lindsey
Verified Buyer
This tape is sooooo good. I was able to put up 32 8×8 frames using 2 inch pieces and I cutt those pieces in half length wise and it's still holding up, we're going on 3 months now with no problems. I will be getting more. I was afraid of my walls getting beat up if I took them down but that wasn't the case at all.

Maria Williams
Verified Buyer
I absolutely love this product. I’m not only use it for my daughters dorm room but have used it for several projects around my house it will hold basically anything and it’s invisible so you don’t see anything tacky.

Eliza Hoffman
Verified Buyer
Very nice tape. Peal off the amount you want, cut, stick and bam...all is good.

Ayden Allen
Verified Buyer
I used this in my travel trailer to attach things to the wall. It worked very well. First test run was almost 600 miles and nothing came loose! Very happy with this product!

Erik James
Verified Buyer
I easily put all the frames that I have been wanting to put on the wall, cleaned all the tangled cords, and settling the extension cord in the corner.

Edward Kelly
Verified Buyer
This tape is phenomenal.

Nina Evans
Verified Buyer
This tape is fantastic! I needed to secure plexiglass to a window frame for a room air conditioner. Previously, I had used foam tape. Never use that crap! Alien tape is clean and secure!

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